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Excel taking too long to open up

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    Excel taking too long to open up


    I got a Excel file that's about 2MB in size, which take about 5 mins just to
    open. This only happens when i open it using OfficeXP Pro. Our OfficeXP Pro
    has been patched with the latest sp and all the patches. This problem doesn't
    occur when i open it with Office2003 Pro.

    I've tried to remane the file and save it into another location, but it's
    still the same.
    This file is used by a group of about 5 persons for updating our daily task
    completed. It has multiple worksheet as one worksheet is created everyday. I
    have a similar file which is larger in size 3MB. That file open up almost

    Any idea what's wrong with it? Any suggestion that i can try to solve this?


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    The following may be way off the mark or it may help (as I don't have specific knowledge about software versions):

    Does the status bar (shown bottom left of screen & turned on under View - Status Bar) give any clues/comments while it is opening?
    Does the file have any references/links to external files?
    If so, try opening the other file/s first.
    Another possibility is the amount of temp files etc you have in the slow computer.

    Also I just did a quick search in Excelforum.com, & the following may help:

    - hopefully, my bumping the thread will bring someone with more knowledge into the picture :-)

    Rob Brockett
    Always learning & the best way to learn is to experience...

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