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How to merge excel and word documents

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    How to merge excel and word documents

    I have tried to merge excel and word documents many times but it didn't work
    please help!!

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    If you are going from WORD to EXCEL - then to get everything to work correctly - put you stuff into a WORD Table, then remove any of the following with the find and replace function of WORD:
    Remove all "paragraph marks" (^p), "manual line breaks" (^l), any "tabs inside a cell" (^t). Then you should be able to paste into excel without any problems.
    You might have to "turn-on" non printing characters to be able to "see" the tab, paragraph, and manual line breaks indicators. Also you can find the above characters in the "FIND" popup menu - Select "MORE" tab - then "SPECIAL." Then for the replace - just press the spacebar and this will give you 1 space.
    Going from EXCEL to WORD you should be able to do a COPY and PASTE.

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