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Need Quick Macro Help!

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    Need Quick Macro Help!

    I have two sheets 1 & 2. I’m to match customers from sheet 2 to 1.

    I want to match by zip code and by name. If zip AND name of row(x) in sheet 2
    Matches with zip AND name of ANY of the 5000+ row(s) in sheet 1 then highlight row(x) in sheet2. (to indicate a match)
    If no match are found, then do nothing, and move on to next row of sheet2 until all rows of sheet2 are finished comparing to the sheet1.

    Basically I need to compare TWO fields simultaneiously, (double match) per row to the respective TWO fields with the second sheet I am comparing too. If both criteria are meet then it is a match. Otherwise it is left alone/ignored. I want to do this for all 35000+ rows in my sheet2 which will take a long time without the help of a macro. Both the sheet to be worked on (sheet 2) and the sheet that exists only for comparison (sheet1) are huge and have many entries.

    If anyone can help with the code that would be great!

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    I have already succeeding in comparing ONLY the zip code.

    Here is the code:

    HTML Code: 
    royUk at ozgrid gave me this code and it works wonderfully

    What I need to do now is the second step: How do I compare AT THE SAME TIME both the ZIP CODE (numeric) AND the CUSTOMER NAME (string/character/word) of sheet2 to the Zip and Name of sheet1.??

    Do I need a nested FOR LOOP or a seperate for Loop after the first one??
    How shall I go about coding this? I've tried a lot of things but it never works..
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    Here is a picture for clarity:


    If possible I'd like to compare only the first character of each of the customer name fields.
    Sometimes the customers go by acrynoms and sometimes the name is fully spelled out. So
    to avoid a false negative it is more safe to search/filter by the first character of the beginning of the
    word/name only
    . Does excel macro allow substring functionality? If I am to comparing the first char of the name
    field of each sheet how to I access this, what is the syntax for accessing & comparing substring characters??

    This shouldn't be too difficult (to use a marco to compare two fields at a time for matching) but I don't know
    how to write the code.
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