I have an excel file with 63 columns and 3000+ rows. I am trying to insert this data into a sql table. For doing so i first want to convert this excel file into a csv because these file i get from users are going to be csv files.

The table in sql has 74 columns to which i am trying to insert this data. so have the columns to be same i am adding some extra 11 dummy fields to the excel, data in the rows below these columns is empty. When i save this file as a csv, its saving the file with commas in place of these empty fields (the last 11). But its not putting commas for the entire document, instead its only placing commas for the first 16 rows alone. But i want these commas for all the rows.

Can somebody help me with this. Would greatly appretiate any kind of input on this issue.

Thanks a lot in advance,