I am now getting used to and liking, but here are some comments-

in excel

- the "map office 2003 functions to 2007" and "Reference: Locations of Excel
2003 commands in Excel 2007" are very useful tools while getting used to the
new structure. please make them more prominent or readily/intuitively
accessable, especially at first - maybe with an option to switch off (like
clippy) once familiar with revised layouts

- I need a concise, printable summary of the 2003 to 2007 command converter,
at least for most often used functions

- likewise help should be oriented to excel 2003. it is frustrating not to
find quickly a function that you are familiar with. typing the 2003 function
name into help should display details of where function is now located (or
lead you to it). for example "copy worksheet" typed into office help does
not yield details of where move or copy worksheet has moved to.

- right click menu on worksheet tab would be nice to include zoom/in out
(resize worksheet view)

- file formats should be more efficient (5mb .xls file zips to 700k, so I
have to manually zip each file)

- when I copy a sheet with pictures in, the pictures move. "copy" should
produce an exact replica. In some cases it doesn't - the pictures shift

- unknown publisher! Microsoft has put great emphasis on security and
rightly so. I know this is Beta code but security should still be paramount.
Please get an authentication certificate, otherwise spoofers could imitate
the beta emails and fool some users into downloading malware.

general office 2007

- need more than 9 recent documents list esp for excel, word, ppt - if there
has to be a limit, make it 50 or 99

- I need a concise, printable summary of the 2003 to 2007 command converter,
at least for the most often used commands (for which statistics are collected)

- intuitively I expect the drop down menus to list sub menus when hovering
on them, but they only activate when I move the curser to the arrow at
right. It would be nice to work also over the commands - eg file/print/print

- the list of available printers appears in different sort order from
different programs - can this be made consistent, with options to sort by
name or type?