Can someone write me a couple of line of code?
3 cells to add 4th cell contains total
In cell c5 if a number from 1 to say 50 is entered then that number has a
value. The value being for instance 1 would be 50, 2 would be 49, 3 would be
48 and so on. The cell on the sheet will display 1, 2, 3 still.
If cell c5 has a number key into it then cell d5 will automatically get a 2
filled into it.
cell e5 might be manually entered as a 1.
Then cell f5 will total the cells, remember cell c5 might display a 1 but in
the total it is 50
So if c5=1 d5=2 e5=1 f5=the total 53
I will want to duplicate this several times across the sheet and down the
h5. i5. j5. k5 m5, n5, o5, p5 and so on
Cell ab5 will total all the totals in row 5 from the scenario.
Ab6 will total all the totals in row 6 and so on

Cell ad5 then looks at the ab5 totals, and ranks by number with the highest
number example 100 being a 1 and 1 being 100.
An html sheet is at
Its not got code but the idea is there I think it will be a visual for what
I need to happen.