My workbook is set up to use 3 worksheets...

1st sheet is basic data, cells b3,b4,b5,b6 are used (sales name, sales
number, bol #, carrier)
2nd sheet is another sheet that uses the same exact data in
3rd sheet uses the same data again but in the next unused row for
columns A-E


Sheet 1

B3 Bob Smith
B4 1234567
B5 987654
B6 192837

Sheet 3
Bob Smith 1234567 987654 192837

The first 2 sheets clear as new data is over written, but i need the
3rd sheet I need to keep a running summary of the data that has been
going into sheet1 throughout the day. Appending the data from column B
of sheet 1 to the next unused row of sheet 3.

I was thinking maybe a form would be better suited here, where as I can
enter the data, have it place itself in sheets 1 and 2, and append a
new row in sheet 3. Does this sound easier to do? If a macro is easier
can a button be placed on sheet 1 to activate this macro?

I spoke to my boss about using a macro or form to input the data and he
is looking forward to seeing if it works or not. Now I am kinda in a
hurry for it.

I am posting it here because I know people here use excel in a more
advanced way than I ever will, and know the best way to move data
around with the least amount of keystrokes.

Thanks again for your help in advance.