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Autofill of row or column

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    Autofill of row or column


    Let's say I have a min, a max, and an increment, all decimal values. I
    want to autofill or autopopulate a row or column -- without manually
    dragging cels -- over the range [min,max] incrementing by the increment
    value each cell. Can this be done somehow? Also, what if you don't
    know how many cells you will need initially (you return some variable
    integer from a calculation)--can you tell Excel to fill only that
    number of cells each time? For example, let's say I compute some
    number and get a 7 one time and a 10 the next, and I want 7 cells
    filled with data and then on the next run, the originaly 7 wiped out
    and a new 10 filled. Is this possible?


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    This can be done. However, I need to know what you mean when you say that the number of cells needed is a variable. Does this mean that your range of cells does not need to necessarily reach the max and the increment remains the same, or does this mean that your max must be reached in a certain number of cells and thus the increment will change?

    Also, what should happen when the difference between the min and max is not a perfect multiple of the increment?

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