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Search Data from one Workbook and copy it into another Workbook

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    Search Data from one Workbook and copy it into another Workbook

    I need to have a Procedure/Macro for searching data from one Workbook and
    copy these data into a new row in a List .

    I would like to search in Column A and get the Values from C and D for
    corresponding row.
    These Values should be inserted into a new Column in an existing
    For each request, the new column should contain actual date/time in first
    Column and than the values.

    Example Data source:
    A B C D
    1 Cat 23 White Africa
    2 Dog 234 Yellow Africa
    3 Bird 2345 Black Australia

    Example Data tarkget (searching for Dog):
    A B C
    1 2006-07-04 Yellow Africa
    2 2006-07-05 Yellow Africa

    Is there any chance to get help??? I would really appreciate!!

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    assuming date is in column A of sheet 1

    in B1 enter


    same for C1 but change the 3 to a 4

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