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In Excel - Use Windows Explorer instead of File Open to open file

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    In Excel - Use Windows Explorer instead of File Open to open file

    I'd like to use the tree-view window that Windows Explorer displays when
    opening files in Exel, rather than having to run up and down the folders
    ladder when opening files in Excel.

    Is there any way Excel can be trained to use the Win Explorer dialogue box,
    instead of File-Open, when opening files ? I never use the clunky My Docs /
    My Computer etc buttons in File-Open.

    Like many professional Excel users, I access many folders and files every
    day and have found it faster to use Win Explorer instead to access my files,
    at the cost of not havin them show up in the "most recent files" list in
    Excel's File menu.

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    I would create a macro with a shortcut such as Ctrl+e.
    I would erase the code and replace it with:
    Shell "C:/WINNT/explorer.exe", vbNormalFocus
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