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Inconsistent Formula??

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    Inconsistent Formula??

    I'm using this formula: =IF(PlayersList!$C$4=0,"",PlayersList!$C$4) to pull names from a "PlayersList" sheet and place them in several places in the workbook. I'm using this formula TWICE per sheet per "player" In other words I've got a column with the players name as the heading, then 20 rows beneath it, the same players name for a TOTAL POINTS row. The formula works in every place, but on the lower part (total points row) I get a green triangle in the corner of the cells. Is this an inconsistent formula and if so, why doesn't it show that way on the original cell?? and how can I correct it???

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    you must have a circular reference, which really means that the formula is in the same range as the formula, if you know what I mean

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