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comment boxes changing size

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    comment boxes changing size

    I have a worksheet with a bunch of comments on it, and the comment boxes are all sized perfectly so that when you highlight the cell you can see the entire comment. The problem is, when I insert columns and move the cells around, the comment boxes lose their heights and widths and are resized. Sometimes the comments are still readable, but very often the comment box has been shrunk down into a small sliver and you have to click on edit comment to resize the box.

    Anyone know why this happens, and if anything can be done to prevent it?

    By the way, the comments are created using a macro that autosizes the comment box, and then adjusts the height and width if the autosize results in a really wide comment box. I think the comments are just be re-autosized when their cells are moved around, but I don't want this to happen, I want them to retain their properties.
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