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Find/Replace with Manual Line Break

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    Find/Replace with Manual Line Break

    I have a very large Word table that I need to convert to Excel. The Word table has individual cells that contain multiple paragraphs. Whether I do a straight copy/paste to Excel or import external data, it puts each paragraph in a separate cell. Replacing the paragraph marks in Word with a manual line break and then pasting into Excel produces the same result.

    I did a find/replace in Word changing to paragraph marks to a special character (in this case @) and it pastes very well into Excel. Now I need to do a find/replace in Excel that replaces the @ sign with a manual line break. I entered "alt 010" (minus quotes) in the replace field. This displays nothing in the dialog box but when you run the replace, it does replace the @ signs in the smaller cells. Unfortunately, the cells where there are multiple paragraphs returns an error saying "Formula is too long." I tried creating a macro to do this but it isn't working correctly either.

    Any ideas?

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    I can remember incredible headaches when exporting from Word to Excel...
    The best solution is to code your word macro to clean data from table cells before export ...
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