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Is there a way to allow people to modify a workbook, but prevent them from saving?

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    Is there a way to allow people to modify a workbook, but prevent them from saving?

    Basically I have some templates setup that are designed to have data copy/pasted from our computer systems, then you run a macro to format the data and do some other tricks.

    These templates are designed for a variety of users, and usually once every few weeks someone screws the template up and saves over it-rendering it useless. I of course keep archived backups that I use to replace these files, but I was wondering if there was a way to setup the workbooks so you could restrict people from saving over the template-instead when you go to save you have save as something else...

    Can this be done?

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    Yes with an event macro copied in ThisWorkbook module ...

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    Are you saving your file as a template file? If you open a template, *.xlt, you get a new copy of the opened file and Excel automatically names the new workbook *1.xlt. Now the user have to choose save as, choose file format "template" and manually change the file name to the original name to be able to overwrite it. Do they really do that?

    To prevent overwriting, you can also go outside Excel. Select your file in Windows Explorer and right click and open Properties. Make sure that the checkbox "Write protected" is selected.

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    Protect worksheet function

    I use two methods, the protect worksheet function and I apply a password.
    Before you do that select all cells that you want to be accessible to the user and format protection to unlocked. Then apply tools/protection protect sheet and passowrd it.

    And then I apply as MnO states right click the file in explorer and select read only.

    Though as MnO states that when you open a .xlt file, it opnes as an .xls file unless you open it in explorer via right click "Open" command, then it opens as a .xlt

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    just a suggestion

    I ran into something like that before too. What I did is that I have a script that will replace the file with the original one everyday if the file attribute changes. This will give user a fresh copy of the same file again if someone were to save something to the file.

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