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Matching Member ID and pasting array

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    Matching Member ID and pasting array

    Hi Members:

    I am uploading a sheet having a problem to be solved.

    The Master sheet has member IDs and some headers in columns like MP1....LP1.........

    Then two sheets have data about MP1..LP1....., and I would like to use something like vlookup to look for members IDs in these sheets and paste the values in corresponding columns. I tried with vlookup but its not helping as 3rd argument doesnt have any capability like to deal with range.

    BTW, actual sheet contains almost 25000 member ids, so if possible share some shortcuts to paste the data fast !!

    File is attached. Please help !!!
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    Is this what you intended? I kept it fairly simple. I named the ranges where
    the MPx and LPx data are.

    To copy, fill in the top row, then select the top row with the formulas already entered plus the complete region that you need the data to be in and hit CTRL+D.

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