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Macro working on one sheet but not another

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    Macro working on one sheet but not another


    I have created the attached spreadsheet as a reading record for my class at school. The form was originally created on the tab called Spring 2. All 3 of the macro buttons work fine on this sheet, and I have copied the sheet to another 5 worksheets so that I can record results for all the school year.

    The macros are run by pressing one of three buttons, First Name, Last Name or Priority. These are linked on every sheet back to the original macro by a call code.

    However, on some sheets when you try to use the Priority button it halts and says that some merges cells are not idenical. This also occasionally happens on other sheets with different buttons.

    I can't work out the problem is seeing as though all six of the sheets should be - and are identical as far as I can see.

    Any advice gratefully received

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    When I click the Priority button it comes up with an error because the sheet is protected, you need to unprotect the sheet for the sort macro to work

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