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how do you multiple select and delete rows that the data you select are in

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    how do you multiple select and delete rows that the data you select are in

    what is the vba code to delete the rows that the data you select from a list box. also how do you multiple select the data. the code i used is this

    Sub RemoveDuplicate() Dim AllCells As Range, Cell As Range Dim NoDupes As New Collection Dim i As Integer, j As Integer
    Dim Swap1, Swap2, Item

    ' The items are in A1:A105 Set AllCells = Range("p2:p1105")

    ' The next statement ignores the error caused
    ' by attempting to add a duplicate key to the collection.

    On Error Resume Next For Each Cell In AllCells NoDupes.Add Cell.Value, CStr(Cell.Value) Note: the 2nd argument (key) for the Add method must be a string Next Cell

    ' Resume normal error handling On Error GoTo 0

    ' Update the labels on UserForm1 With UserForm4 .Label1.Caption = "Total Items: " & AllCells.Count .Label2.Caption = "Unique Items: " & NoDupes.Count End With

    ' Sort the collection (optional) For i = 1 To NoDupes.Count - 1 For j = i + 1 To NoDupes.Count If NoDupes(i) > NoDupes(j) Then
    Swap1 = NoDupes(i) Swap2 = NoDupes(j) NoDupes.Add Swap1, before:=j NoDupes.Add Swap2, before:=i
    NoDupes.Remove i + 1 NoDupes.Remove j + 1 End If Next j Next i

    ' Add the sorted, non-duplicated items to a ListBox
    For Each Item In NoDupes UserForm4.ListBox1.AddItem Item Next Item

    ' Show the UserForm UserForm4.Show End Sub
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