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VB codes for delete command button (new)

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    VB codes for delete command button (new)

    Will you please help me with the following:

    I have created a form in excel for entering information in a particular sheet. All my entering of data, navigation through the rows are strictly done only through this form. I need codes for a delete command button for my form. Suppose I have entered about 15 rows of data. ie each row has information in Columns A to M (say). All the column headings are given as fields in the form. If I find that the second row of data that I entered is not needed. Then after retrieving the data pertaining to the second row when I press the delete command button, all the information entered in the second row should be wiped out and the subsequent row's information gets shifted up. No row should be left empty in my worksheet after deleting the information in that row.
    This can be compared to deleting a record set in Ms Access using the VB form. But the only difference is that here the back end is Ms excel.Is this possible or just "clear" and "edit" command buttons will do this job?


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