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Selecting equally spaced cells and putting the info into columns...

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    Selecting equally spaced cells and putting the info into columns...

    OK, so I obviously need help with "Selecting equally spaced cells and putting the info into columns...". I work for a company that needs to get the info from this site here: and I'm trying to get it all organized into one nice and neat excel spreadsheet. I researched things myself and I found that you can just insert the source code into excel and excel will automatically put the tables into cells. My only problem is that, if you noticed, on the site each and every person has their own "First Name", or "Last name", "Email", or whatever. I just want one "First Name" in the column A, the "Last name" part in column B, and so on and so forth. Is this possible to do in an easy method because I'm seriously not going to copy and paste the info myself, all 36,000+ times. Haha. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help!

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