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Access Export giving ' infront of numbers

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    Access Export giving ' infront of numbers

    Big data base in Access.
    Export function to Excel 2000.

    Each cell has a number 1-5, but in Excel it has a '
    so it looks like '5 or '1

    I only see the little ' when I look at the formula line, just looking at the worksheet they look like regular numbers.

    If I try find/replace it simply does not find '4 when I put it in.
    If if say find 4, it then finds it.

    If I say find 4 and replace with Four, it does that but then puts the ' in front of it again.

    I can't SUM these numbers unless I physically go in and say =cell+cell+cell

    Anyone have an advice on how to change this so I can work with this data?

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    Hi there,

    Say the data starts at A1 and goes down Column A, enter =ABS(A1) into cell B1 and copy down as required.

    Column B can then be analysed using Excel’s formulas. You could also convert this column to values and then delete column A if you wish.



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    thanks for the reply

    I continued to hit this problem with my Google-fu and found this solution

    Convert text to numbers!

    This worked for me

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