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Rectangles, 1000's of them in spreadsheet.

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    Rectangles, 1000's of them in spreadsheet.

    For some reason one of my excel spreadsheets was sitting at 5Mb, it contained 4 tabs with a little data in each and a logo on top. I deleted the logo off each tab but still 5Mb. I then stumbled across a small rectangle on one of the tabs so I deleted it, then I found another one. Its description at the top left was rectangle 4133, so I typed in Rectangle 2000 and one appeared. I dont know how they got there but there are a lot of them.

    Can anyone devise a macro to delete all rectangles?

    Hope you can help


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    Good morning okanem

    Run the macro below. This will select them all, so you can see where they all are. Then just press "Delete".

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    If you are comfortable using the VBE you could run just the single line from the immediate window (press Ctrl + g).


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