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Problems using Hyperlink

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    Problems using Hyperlink

    I have a spreadsheet set up as an Index Log in which I have created Hyperlinks to various files on a remote network server. My problem is that when I try to link a .PDF file, I verify that the path is correct, I see the file open, but it immediately closes. Any comments or advice? There are four out of five network PC's which have the same problem.

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    Try this:
    Go to Tools>Options
    On the General tab remove the check from Ignore other applications

    if already unchecked try this
    Delete the "File Type" referrence to .pdf and rebuild it, the hyperlink in Excel will starts to work.

    Please always attach the sample workbook without sensitive information when asking for help

    To add a module
    Press Alt + F11 (this is the Visual Basic Environment)
    Insert Menu, select Module
    Past code there
    Close Visual Basic Environment (X)

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