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Pressing one radio button to select another radio button

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    Pressing one radio button to select another radio button

    Hi guys

    Just wondered if any one can help me?

    Iíve got a spreadsheet with radio buttons for 4 companies and another 4 radio buttons for parts

    What I am trying to do is when a user selects one of the companies it will automatically select the relevant part number

    So when Company1 is selected then Hardware ABC is selected in the next set of radio buttons

    Company2 = 123
    Company3 = XYZ
    Company4 = 321

    Iíve looked around for a solution and tried a few things I thought looked similar to what I am looking for to no avail

    Many thanks in advance
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    I hope this helps

    The way I do it is I have each radio button linked to their own cell. Than on the first radio button that is to be clicked and therefore determins what other option buttons need to be selected I added the following code to the first option button:

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    The code changes the linked cell values to TRUE, this then will select the option button linked to that cell.

    Hope this helps!

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