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print function aswell as help on basic coding if you'd please.

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    Exclamation print function aswell as help on basic coding if you'd please.

    Hey guys

    Need some help, I've got a few basic macro/functions I need to perform, but my brain is melted.

    First of all, I'm creating an equipment schedule for cost-estimating purposes. The thing is it's a very long list, so when I want to print it I'd prefer to have the cells I haven't used to "disappear" . I reckon it's a very basic command. I can probably 'link' it to one of my columns and viola! If you could please supply me with the command and a basic explanation on how it works please :$

    Second things second, this should also be easy, but I'm far too unfamiliar with VB coding to use a proper macro for it. And using a formula for a dynamic sheet is such a pain! Basically, I have column A through I. B being my equipment description, C = Quantity, D = Material Cost, E = WorkshopCost, F = Install Cost, G = LOA, H = Margin and I = Selling.

    Now what I need is for column I(selling) to be: ((QUANTITY*D 'materiacostl - this must be seperately calculated' + (D+E+F)) * MARGIN and then add any margin into H to change the total of I accordingly. So it's my quantity times my materialcost, then the sum of my workshop+install+loa and lastly add the margin. the margin I can't figure out, cause 25% even when using formated cells give me a weird value.

    Any help would be appreciated guys, thanks !

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    What makes you think you need code for this?

    For your first question couldn't you just use filters?

    For your second can't you just use a formua?

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    Filters could work easily for the first one, thanks.

    but for the second one, the only reason i'd prefer to use coding/formulae is because the spreadsheet might change a lot, making use of coding will keep it dynamic, instead of changing the formula everytime i change the spreadsheet.


    Ok, let me rather ask this then. How do I create a formula, that works in the following manner AND that I can use over and over again.

    I have values that are located in C7 D7 E7 F7 G7 and I7 being my answer. I have a formula to calculate my desired answer, but I dont want to type into 700 lines the exact same formula that runs in c8 - g8 ; c9 - g9 and so forth all the way down to c700. Is there a simpler way to do this? I reckon with a bit of knowledge i can give each cell an integer/constant and then repeat the formula through the entire column I. The problem is I am lacking that coding knowledge.

    Anyone please assist!
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