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Email Macro - Attach Only 1 Tab

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    Exclamation Email Macro - Attach Only 1 Tab

    I have a workbook that shows a performance scorecard for 200 different locations (stores). Essentially, there is a drop down list of stores on TAB1 - which drives all the formulas on the page to reflect that store's figures. There are a few graphs on the page, and the data is pulling form other tabs within in the workbook.
    Here's what I'm trying to do.... I need to email each location's scorecard to them on a regular basis. I have TAB2 that shows store name in column A and email address in column B. The drop down list of stores in TAB1 reads Indirect(A1) in TAB2. I want to build a macro that copies TAB1 into a new workbook, pastes everything as values, and keeps the graphs accurate (that's the hardest part for me). I need to then automatically email the file to the email address which will always be in TAB2(B2). At the end of the macro, I'll delete Row 1 in TAB2 so that the next store info is being read.
    I have most of this working, except my graphs never look accurate once the tab is copied over.
    Any help is appreciated.... Thank you. I can post the file if necessary.

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    Any help on this at all would be much appreciated.

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    If you Google something along the lines of 'email worksheet excel' you'll get a few ideas that you should be able to modify to your needs.

    Here's a link to start you off: http://www.ozgrid.com/VBA/send-email.htm



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