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Problems filtering data containing checkboxes???

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    Problems filtering data containing checkboxes???

    Hello all,

    I am wondering if anyone has encountered this problem. I have data containing checkboxes (produced from the "forms" toolbar, not the "controls" toolbar) in a simple chart. When I sort the data using the drop-down auto-filters, the last row of checkboxes from my original data appears as a row of "ghost" checkboxes along with the desired filtered data.

    The attached jpeg's do a better job of explaining my problem. The "unfiltered" attachment shows my original data. The "filtered" attachment shows the data with "car 2" selected. If each check box has been assigned to an individual cell link, shouldn't the check boxes for "car 2" be the only ones that appear when I filter the data?

    unfiltered chart.JPG
    filtered chart.JPG

    Furthermore, the "cut and paste" attachment show a similar weird occurrence when I simply cut the 4th row and paste it to the 9th row. It takes the check boxes from the 3rd row along with it! This makes no sense to me.

    cut and paste.JPG

    Anyone know of any solutions to this? I will be implementing this format to an equipment start-up matrix for a high-rise hotel that contains ~1500 rows, so I want to avoid these "ghost" data if at all possible.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hello Nick,

    When placing check boxes on the worksheet, whether they are Forms of Control Toolbox type, positioning is critical. The boxes are linked to the cell that the Upper Left Corner of the control occupies, not where the box is located. You can see where this corner is when you Edit the control.

    The Copy operation will copy all objects whose Shape Range intersects with the selected area to be copied. This is why you are getting row 3 included.

    To align and size your controls increase the Zoom to 200%. Go to View on the menu bar and click Zoom.... You can increase the size to more than 200% by using the custom setting.

    Leith Ross

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