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How to export content of one word page to a single excel cell

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    How to export content of one word page to a single excel cell

    I have a word file with 1500 pages. Now I need to export the content of each word page into a single excel cell. In the end I should have 1500 excel cells in a row each one representing the content of one word page.

    Copy/paste isn't an option. I didn't find any solutions yet. Please help me.

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    I think it would help if you told us what you intend to do with the information, once it is in excel, eg search for key words, join cells etc.

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    Hello Kaiza,

    Welcome to the Forum! This macro will load 1 page of a Word document into a single Excel worksheet cell. Excel will only display the first 256 characters in the cell. This is also all that will printout. The Formula Bar will display 1000+ characters. The first page is loaded into cell "A1" of the active sheet. You can change the starting line if you want. It is marked in blue. When you run the macro, it will display the Open File dialog so you can choose which file to open.

    Macro Code
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    Adding the Macro
    1. Copy the macro above pressing the keys CTRL+C
    2. Open your workbook
    3. Press the keys ALT+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor
    4. Press the keys ALT+I to activate the Insert menu
    5. Press M to insert a Standard Module
    6. Paste the code by pressing the keys CTRL+V
    7. Make any custom changes to the macro if needed at this time
    8. Save the Macro by pressing the keys CTRL+S
    9. Press the keys ALT+Q to exit the Editor, and return to Excel

    To Run the Macro...
    To run the macro from Excel, open the workbook, and press ALT+F8 to display the Run Macro Dialog. Double Click the macro's name to Run it.

    Leith Ross

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    For a cell to usefully display a large amount of data it must first obviously be large enough and formatted to 'Wrap Text'
    Having done that I have found that if a cell contains more than 255 characters and is formatted to 'Text' it will only display hashes (#).
    By formating to General you can see all the text. The limit of display seems to be around 1230 characters. (Excel 2003)

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    Thank you Leith Ross

    The Macro is working great. That's more than I have expected. I can use this for all future projects and it spares me a big amount of time.

    Thanks a lot.

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