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Auto Jumping to next cell without pressing enter

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    Question Auto Jumping to next cell without pressing enter

    I enter a 6 digit number (hundreds sometimes) and I want each number in its own cell. I change the enter key to go right instead of down but I'm still doing 12 strokes for 6 numbers. Each number in a cell has a value which I figured out the formula and this would be a huge time saver just entering the 6 digits and be done. On entering Visa numbers on the internet 4826 then it jumps right to the next set of 4 and so on. Surly there must be something simple.



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    You could enter the six-digit numbers down column A starting in A2, and in B2 and copied across and down,

    =MID($A2, B$1, 1)

    And in B1:G1, 1,2,3,4,5,6

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