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Saving worksheet as a CSV (comma delimited) doesnt work. Ideas?

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    Question Saving worksheet as a CSV (comma delimited) doesnt work. Ideas?

    I'm trying to save a spreadsheet into a CSV (described in the title), and when I open it, it appears to have the look as a workbook icon.
    Now, if I rename the file extension to .txt, then it places the , in the fields as seperators so it can be uploaded to my database. I have tried saving the worksheet to every file type using the "save as " option, and nothing gives me the look of a .txt when I go to open it.
    Is there something wrong with my excel 2007. I had that option in 2003 and it worked just fine.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program to no avail.


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    The icon next to the file in the file list indicates the default program. In this case it sounds as though csv files are automatically opening in Excel. This doesn't mean it isn't a csv file. Try opening the csv file in Wordpad or a similar text editor. You may find it's really okay.
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    If you attach a sample of your workbook it will be easier to find a solution. Remember to remove/replace sensitive data before uploading the file. Look here if you need help with attachments:

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