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Highlight duplicate records based on multiple criteria

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    Highlight duplicate records based on multiple criteria

    Hi everyone,

    I thought this would be super easy but I can't figure it out, and I can't seem to find any threads or support articles anywhere with this info...thats not to say one doesn't exist, I just can't find it!

    If anyone could give me some quick advice, I would be incredibly grateful!

    Using Excel 2007

    There are 3500 records with 50 columns of data each.
    I want to be able to highlight the duplicate entries based on 3 values across 3 columns being the same... I will attach an example.

    The columns I want to match are SUBJECT, COURSE, SECTION_NO.

    If you need to know the background, I had 2 worksheets from different time periods. I need to know the entries which are unique to each sheet... I do not need the entries that appear in both.
    I combined the sheets, and now just want to find the duplicates so I can delete them all.
    Advanced filter > unique records only, doesn't work because I need to remove all traces of any record which appears more than once.

    If anyone has any other solutions apart from the way which I would believe to be the most simple and quickest, I would definitely love to hear!!
    Thanks for your help!!!! I've been trying to do this for 2 days.
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    So I just ended up putting it into Access, running a query to find the duplicates, and then running it as a 'delete query'.

    Way quicker. If there is still a way to do it in excel, I would be interested.

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    Maybe using conditional formatting and a formula like


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