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Template Help Needed

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    Template Help Needed

    I've tried a bunch of stuff, but no luck so far. I want to create a template to do some calculations on data, but I don't want the template to have "manually entered information". I need to have a template in place, and then load in data into the template and have the calculations performed. I'm using Excel97 and do not have "import text" options. The data I want to load in is in CSV format. After data is loaded into the template and calculated, then the sheet can be saved as a different filename, printed out, or other.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Template Help Needed

    do you know fo the download that I am refering to? the percentages are as follows
    provincial tax 6.05%
    federal tax 16%
    C.P.P 4.95%
    E.I is 1.98%
    I especially like the way the download is split up into 3 sections of employee info, payroll calculator, and individual paystub. I want to be able to just plug in the numbers and print a paystub with YTD figures.
    Sorry to be such a pain

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