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Vlookup & Pivot Table to raw CVS file via Data Connections

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    Vlookup & Pivot Table to raw CVS file via Data Connections


    I have several large CSV files I need to work with. File source is Oracle (10g) Query Exports to Comma Separated Values data file.
    I need Vlookup capability and Pivot Table functionality when working with these files. I receive new data files each business day.

    Rather than open each file, convert to Excel 2007 xlsx format, set up pivot tables and add VLookups each time I get a new file (daily), I want to create a pivot table that connects to the raw CSV file via Data Connections. When I try to connect via Excel 2007 Data Connections I am receiving a message that I can't create a pivot table using data in a csv format.

    Is this correct? Or am I missing an Add-In? Any suggestions on how to do this?

    Attached is a sample data file (limited to the first 100 records).

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    I have experienced the same problem with 2007. The method you describe works perfectly in previous versions, but there seem to be a number of security issues in 2007 concerning external data connections.

    The only work around I have found is to copy and paste the data into an existing XLSX sheet. The look ups then recalculate using the new data. (Assuming the data is the same number of columns and the old data is deleted!).

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