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Column Width Issue

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    Column Width Issue

    I am trying to change the width of 4 columns in a spreadsheet that includes a pivot table. The problem is, as soon as I open up the drop downs on the pivot table, the column widths return back to their original size. Any ideas how to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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    The easiest way would be to use a macro. Simply record a macro of the steps required to corect the column issue. The macro code will look something like this.

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    Even if you are new to VBA code, the code above is fairly obvious. The cursor is placed at cell B4, and the pivot table is refreshed. Column A is then selected and the width is set to 15. Then Column B, then C. Then Colums D,E & F are selected as D:F and set to width 14. The final line is simply moving the cursor (active cell) to where it is required, in this case the pivot table. It could be substituted for the first line of the code Range.....

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