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Couple of "COUNTIF" questions.

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    Couple of "COUNTIF" questions.

    Right, i am new here so hello! And thanks in advance for any advice given.

    I am putting together a little spreadsheet to help me keep track of my poker results. The first thing i need a little hand on is finding a formula to find the number of times i have come in the top ten. I am pretty sure this is a "COUNTIF" formula but i can quite figure it out.

    I have a entrant column and a place column. I need the formula to look in the entrants column and if the number is greater than BUT NOT EQUAL OR LESS THAN 9 then it looks in the place column. If in the place column the number is EQUAL TO OR LESS THAN 9 then it needs to count it.

    Also if you are very clever if you could make it appear so it is like below:

    First Number / Total Entries


    Next i need to find out where i come on average in two seperate types of tournament. It needs to take an average of ever number in the place column thats corresponding number in the entrants column is EQUAL TO OR LESS THAN 9.

    I am currently using this:


    But it just adds the numbers not averages them.

    The other one i need is just this one reversed so if i someone can just sort me the code for thes i can get editing. I just dont know where to start i got lost!

    If anyone has any assistance on this i would be very much appreciated. i have got everything else i - its just hese getting me stuck.


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    Thank you.
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