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Strange Behaviour

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    Strange Behaviour

    I was fiddling with ideas in conection with Huwbob's problem "Check instances of values in a column" using the attached sheet.

    I noticed that as I re-calculated the random numbers, the result was not changing.

    I stepped through the calculation using the "Evaluate Function" feature, and the calculations are correct, until the final step!

    Any Ideas? (I am using Office 2007)

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    G'day Mark,

    Yes it is odd behaviour and no ideas why that's doing it.

    But I try this formula

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    And put it through the "Evaluate Function" feature and it pass with flying colours. The sumproduct failed.

    I'm at a lost too

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    Thread closed, too late for Editing.

    Mark you can re-ask this if you want with the correct format of title
    Hope that helps.

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