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List only Items with value <> 0 in a matrix's line or column

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    List only Items with value <> 0 in a matrix's line or column

    EDIT: Please note that I did not mention at first I posted this question on another excel forum, here's a link.


    this is my first post and as I gave a look around I could not find anything like this so please do not flame me if this is a stupid question.

    This is of course a simple example, so please do not comment on my diet

    Suppose I am currently planning my shopping on a weekly basis, and go shopping to a big convenience store weekly.
    It makes sense for me to bring my laptop with me and keep it on my shopping cart because I will be interested in the totals of each column, and I can't count .

    DIET SHEET Lattice Tomatoes Carrots Oranges Apricots Bananas Pasta Steak Fish
    Sunday 1 1 1 1
    Monday 2 1 2
    Tuesday 3 2
    Wednesday 1 1 1 1 1
    Thursday 1 2 1 2
    Friday 1 1 1 3 1
    Saturday 1 1 2 1 1
    WEEK 8 3 4 5 2 3 4 2 7

    Now suppose I am planning to move downtown, I will have to sell my car so I will do my grocery shopping daily by feet.
    My old laptop is too heavy so I want to print a sheet every day that lists only the objects that are there, without mentioning the items that are = 0; please note this is important, otherwise I will be SO utterly confused that I would soon find myself in a restaurant, or worse.

    More or less like this:


    Lattice 1
    Carrots 1
    Oranges 1
    Steak 1


    DIET SHEET Monday
    Tomatoes 2
    Bananas 1
    Fish 2

    ... and so on...
    Is there any smart and effortless way to do this, without having to copy and paste special / transpond and delete manually the empty lines? Any macros?

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    Thanks, I mentioned the cross posting, sorry about that

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    How's that?

    I've included my basic diet.
    If you change the names on the first page, it'll change the ones on the second page as well.

    I think that's what you were trying to do, lemme know!
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    veeeeeeery interesting!


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