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Excel 2003 and 2007 Compatability Problems

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    Unhappy Excel 2003 and 2007 Compatability Problems

    Ive got complete office 2007 and excel 2003 installed on the same computer.
    1. i need 2007 for some of the advanced features
    2. i need 2003 for the reporting program i use.

    the trouble i'm getting is that i want everything to open in excel 2007 by default.
    i know i sounds simple, folder options OR right-click properties,
    but this doesn't work,

    if i set it to the excel 2007 logo (right-click properties) it wont open at all.
    i get the hour glass and nothing.

    however if i open 2007 first and then open a .xls it sometimes opens.

    is there anything that can change these to default OR any other help


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    which order did you install versions?

    If you install 2003 then 2007 it should default to opening 2007 for all xl* files

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