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Problem with COVARIANCE option in Data Analysis

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    Problem with COVARIANCE option in Data Analysis


    I am using Excel's Covariance option from the Data Analysis tools to produce a covariance matrix for a number of variables. I've noticed that the resulting matrix shows only one covariance per pair of variables, and leaves blank the cell at the other intersection of the variables. However, I would like the covariance to appear in both cells for each pair.

    Is it possible to amend this?


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    Analysis Data (Covariance)


    Remember that cov(x;y) is equal to cov(y;x).
    What Analysis Data (Covariance) reports is a table with (example of 3 variables x;y;z) :

    x cov(x;x)
    y cov(x;y) cov(y;y)
    z cov(x;z) Cov(y;z) Cov(z;z)

    (You can get the same result using the function =COVAR(var1;var2) for each pair of matrix)

    Then the first empty cell should have Cov(y;x) that as been reported as Cov(x;y).

    If you wish no to see empty cells you have to force their contents with excel equality “function” after Analysis Data has been created.


    Emilio Caliandro
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