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Insert copied tab, lost cell references

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    Unhappy Insert copied tab, lost cell references

    I really am stuck on this one. Bare with me...

    I have a workbook with multiple tabs. When I open a 2nd copy of the workbook and do some work in it... I then...

    copy the tab I want (ex 'QA')...
    insert it into the original workbook (ex tab renames itself to 'QA (2)')...
    delete the original tab (ex 'QA')...
    and finally rename the new tab to match the original tab (ex 'QA').

    This leaves me with all cell references lost ("#REF") in a 3rd tab (ex 'QA Charts') even though I renamed the new tab to match the old one.

    How can I get around this? Multiple people work from copies of the original file... so when we merge all copies together, I have no choice but to copy and insert the various tabs.

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    Re: Insert copied tab, lost cell references

    The easiest way around it is to use INDIRECT in every formula that references sheet QA, but that complicates the formulas and makes them all volatile.

    Why not just copy the values into the existing sheet rather than deleting and replacing it?
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