We work with multiple Excel files for events. Each candidate has a numerical score of 4 colors. What I would like to do is have each candidates numerical scores listed out in 4 columns. Any number over 3, I would want the cell to fill with the corresponding color of that column.

I have another file in InDesign that I would like to pull the fill colors of the Excel file in ascending order with the highest number closest to 6 to the lowest number above 3. If the number is below 3, I would not want the color pulled. IE Lime Green = 3.54, Carnation Pink = 2.40, Baby Blue = 5.64, and Bright Orange = 0.30. I would like the cells to automatically fill with the corresponding colors if the number is over 3. So Lime Green and Baby Blue would fill with a lime green color and baby blue would fill with a baby blue color. In the InDesign file, I would like for the corresponding colors to fill little circles in the highest to lowest order. So Baby Blue would be the first color to fill and Lime Green the second. Sometimes there may only be one number over 3 and other times 2 or 3 numbers over 3. In all cases, there will most likely not be a 4th number over 3.

Is there a formula to plug into the Excel spreadsheet that would translate this kind of thing for me? I tried reading another website that seemed to have it's own code for Excel as when I tried to use them, it gave me a #NAME error and I could not find corresponding codes.