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Help please

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    Help please

    Hello All,
    I have a military tracker that shows me when someone has finished there daily training by clicking a dropdown list beside there name and selecting complete.

    I have completed this part of my spreadsheet, but was wondering if i can have a button that will clear everyones drop down list at the end of the day or next day of course.

    I dont know Vp code or whatever they call it, so please be specific if there is a way to accomplish this.

    Another question.
    What file format would be the best to save if 10 different supervisors will load it on a screen in the backround. Would like the whole thing to be viewed on screen at once all day. just wondering.

    Thank you,

    SSgt Flores, Marc M.
    email: marc.flores@columbus.af.mil if you can.

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    Re: Help please

    Welcome to Exceltip forum

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