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Excel 2007 : Replace entered values with Text upon pressing enter

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    Replace entered values with Text upon pressing enter

    How do I get Excell 2007 to replace a numeric value with text upon completion of entering the value into a cell?

    For instance, I have twelve employees that I know by number. I want to enter the value of say 1 and have Excel 2007 replace that value with the employee's name (Grindstaff) when I hit enter and do the same for all 12 employees. So, when I enter 5 into a cell and press enter I want it to replace 5 with Smithson. When I enter 9 and enter I want 9 to be replaced by Richardson, etc.

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    Re: Replace entered values with Text upon pressing enter

    Welcome to the Board.

    You could techincally use Named Ranges but you would want to avoid using a Named Range of 1 etc... you would perhaps want to have

    Name: _1
    RefersTo: Terry

    Name: _2
    RefersTo: June


    then you would enter in a Cell


    and that would become Terry etc...

    (else you're looking at VBA I think)

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