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Iteration through List of Unique IDs

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    Iteration through List of Unique IDs

    I have a column of unique IDs that I'd like to paste into a worksheet that has a column of functions that will use these IDs to generate values.

    The issue is that these functions use an external data source (Bloomberg) to create tables with multiple rows. The number of rows in the table can differ depending on the unique ID. Furthermore, the function will stop adding rows to the table if it encounters a populated cell in a row required to complete the table. Since there is only one row per unique ID, the functions will create the first row of the table, then stop because the function encounters populated cells in the row directly beneath the first row.

    Is there a way that Excel can iterate through the column of unquie IDs so that the function creates the complete table for the first ID, then goes back to the list for the second ID and creates the complete table starting in the row directly beneath the first table, and so on.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Iteration through List of Unique IDs

    I'm afraid it's hard to comment without seeing the code being used...

    As I see it you could think about pasting the IDs horizontally as opposed to vertically pending volume of IDs obviously. It's also not really clear if you're using VBA already or not, if you can post a sample that would be good.

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