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Comma seperated list of numbers

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    Comma seperated list of numbers

    Hi all

    I'm generating an excel report on the fly with data coming from an oracle database. One of the fields in the database is a comma seperated list of numbers. When I try and view this in Excel it is treating it as a number field and doesn't display properly. For example, it displays the first five numbers correctly and then converts everything else to 0. I presume its because its treating it as a number field. When I concatenate a letter on the end it displays fine but I can't do this as this data is being used by another system which requires the field as it is in the database. Does anyone know how I can resolve this. I've tried changing the format of the cell to text but it just displays the number to the power of 74 (1.4214314415916E+74). Heres the list that is being generated by excel.


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    Re: Comma seperated list of numbers

    By what means are you retrieving values from Oracle into your file ?

    You're approach of using Text format prior to insertion is correct but depending on how exactly you're inserting the values into XL it will as you know be "helpful" and coerce "numbers stored as text" to numbers... could you perhaps alter your SQL query and append the string so as to precede the numerics with ' character ?

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