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Auto-selecting of cells to match a specific value

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    Auto-selecting of cells to match a specific value

    Dear all

    Recently I was given a specific value (e.g. $14,340.32) and was asked to find the combination(s) for that value on a long inventory list, a list containing 1,000+ items with different names and prices. What I do now is to sort the prices and manually try to match the prices by myself and I find it's extremely ineffective and inefficient (in short, stupid).

    So I would like to ask if there is any function/skill/add-in that can help me to perform the above task?

    Thank you for your time to this matter, much appreciated your help.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Auto-selecting of cells to match a specific value

    Excel has a built-in feature called Solver that you may find helpful in this task.

    Take look here for a Solver Tutorial

    Here is a recent post in which Solver was used and a sample workbook is available:
    Find the best combination of scenarios
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