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Create clone copy of one year's formula formatting for a new year

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    Create clone copy of one year's formula formatting for a new year

    I have an Excel spreadsheet containing a large amount of formulas applicable to 2009. I want to create a duplicate workbook for 2010. I want to maintain all cell formatting, ie A1=sum(whatever) without retyping it all. When I attempt to use copy-and-paste (or paste special) from 2009 to 2010, the cell values maintain a reference to the 2009 workbook. For example on 2010 workbook, A1=[2009]sum(whatever). Therefore the values from 2009 print in cells. I only want to maintain cell formula formatting, not a reference back to 2009 workbook. How do I do this? I hope I have been clear. Just to clarify further, the result I would like to see is the same formatting from all of my 2009 workbooks (I have corrected earlier syntax error mentioned by responder), with all of the same underlying formulas into a new 2010 workbook that will have zero value until I enter something in the appropriate box. I want 2010 to be a blank slate (data values) but an exact copy of 2009 formatting and formulas; also maintaining the 2009 workbook completely. Will this work or does this further clarify into a different answer? BTW, thank you for your previous reply and understand that all of the emphasis in this second post is just for clarity's sake.
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