Having trouble pasting information into Webplus (Web design software). I am trying to link data from an excel file into my web software so any changes to the excel file, are transferred into web sofeware. I used the same operation in in past Excel version and had no problems, but since the upgrade to 2007 all I see is a black area. I've been through the WebPlus forum and done numerous checks and now beleive the problem is within Excel.

Briefly, here is the process: I copy area in Excel, go to Webplus and click Edit/paste Special, a window opens and I click Paste Link and choose MS Excel. Then simply click and drag to position area on webpage. It's that easy. The problem is all I see is a black area on the screen. Here's the weird part and I think this is the problem. When I go to check the links and update the data, there appears to be 2 references printed on top of each other. This is more than likely why I get the black area - there's data on top of data.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I am using: Vista Home, WebPlus X2, MS Office Excel 2007.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.