Hi All,

My first post - i've been reading the forum for a while - picking up a vast amount of information along the way but now i'm hoping for some advice / confirmation that this would be possible....

Essentially I would like to create an excel sheet for entering queries that are in a basic form of time and date of enquiry raised, type of problem, action taken etc. There would be 4 users (whom I would like to have separate excel workbooks). The vision would be a call comes through they complete the very basic form A1 Time A2 Date A3 Company A4 Problem etc - nothing to elborate. There's then a button which says submit (now this is where I become unsure on the logisitcs of how it would work) upon pressing submit I want the entered information to be saved on a separate workbook which will be closed at the time. Their sheet would then clear and the next query could be entered. Effectively I want to collate the information on one workbook and keep things as simple as possible for the users.

I understand this is screaming Access all over but licensing / cost restrictions mean we can't use this tool.

First would this be possible and would anyone be able to link or point me in the right direction of any literature which might be able to help me?

If anyone can see a solution which would be more suited I would really appreciate the suggestion....

Thanks in advance.