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Update unique data based on criteria

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    Post Update unique data based on criteria

    im a little stuck and looking for help, i have a spread sheet which i will automatically update based on certain criteria which will return the following columns

    Event Number - SRW ID - Location - Start Date - Start Time - End Date - End Time

    i wish to run a query based on this information to another sheet comparing the data and only returning any new unique values to the last row.

    The Data i want the sheets to compare based on the SRW ID in column B, in the manual sheet i would like the data that has already been adjusted in H to N not to be altered.

    I suppose the question i am asking is, should i get the database query to run on the same sheet only adding new unique entries to the last row, or should i run the database query separate, then getting the 2 sheets to compare adding any new unique rows to the last row, or will i need to create a macro to run this query.

    i know i have probably not been very clear here so i have attached an example
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