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Filters and Totaling by Segment

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    Filters and Totaling by Segment

    Hi all... so I have a spreadsheet where I am have filters in my columns, and at the bottom, a sum and average formula. When I select one of the filters (insted of all I select one of the segments), I lose my sum at the bottom -- it actually hides it -- but I also need to see the sum and average of just that filter. How do I do that?

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    Re: Filters and Totaling by Segment

    use subtotal function
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    Re: Filters and Totaling by Segment


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    This sounds like you are using Data - Filter (not Advanced Filter)?

    If this is the case, it is likely that you need to remove the Filter from the data, select the range to be filtered (including the headers, but excluding the total row at the bottom of the page) & then apply the Filter. This should fix your problem which can arise when you only select the header row before applying the Filter. Personally, I would add an extra row or two above your headers & put the total and average into cells (using the Sub-Total function/formula as Martin has suggested) in these rows. This approach has the advantages of:
    - ensuring that the totals are never hidden by filters
    - is visible at a glance without scrolling (when you use Freeze Frames)
    - can be set to print on every page (if appropriate)
    - allows for easy data entry to the base of the spreadsheet because there are no totals in the way (note you have to take care of what range is used as an argument in the SubTotal function if data is added).

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